Meeting Rooms

This room has been designed to provide facilities for training and workshops for your staff, clients and customers.

The Clevertouch screen is able to provide advanced capabilities to your presentations, classes and tutorials

The standard layout provides a simple 'walk in and use' provision.

Sound proof movable walls allow for increasing the space, and accessing the laptop tower.

A separate door into the main back corridor allows for access to the community kitchen facilities

Electronic blinds provide total privacy should this be needed.

Room Specific:

  • Clevertouch TV with easy split screen and Zoom capability (digital whiteboard)
  • Fixed Whiteboard
  • 4 x Movable Tables
  • 25 x chairs
  • 1x Power outlet for charging a laptop and USB devices

Featured access:

  • Easy hirage tower: 10x Laptops, 3x Webcams, 2x Microphones, 2x Mice, 1x Keyboard
  • Kitchen access for work day convenience

All spaces have:

  • Free Secure WiFi
  • Air Conditioning
  • Electronic blinds for privacy
  • Security cameras working 24/7

Available on request:

  • Movable Zoom Capable TV
  • Movable Whiteboard
  • 2 x Movable walls between rooms for large meetings
  • Microphone and sound integration into room


Boyd Room

'the ultimate boardroom'

McKinney Room


'the training room'


Tahawai Room


'meeting room'


Tuapiro Room


'meeting room'

Uretara Room

'Co-working & Hot-desking spaces, available'