What is the Digital Hub?

A dedicated community meeting space enhanced with digital technologies

What can I find in there?

Digital Technologies that will allow you to work on your business, your community group or your personal growth using the computers, laptops, meeting and conference rooms also allowing you to take full advantage of video conferencing, wifi and high speed internet

When is it open?

Registered users can access the Digital Hub 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

Can I access the internet?

Yes, we have free wifi to use with your own device or utilise a bookable computer or laptop.

Can I use the computers?

Yes, absolutely, just add the laptop or all-in-one computer to your booking at the time you are organising your schedule

Can I do bookings for a group?

Yes, simply select the space and equipment you need for your group booking

I couldn't book online, can I still use the space?

Yes, but we will need to check there is not a prior booking. We can then book the space for you, so come in and talk to our friendly team at Katikati Library during open hours, we are here to help.

Please make contact with our Library Team during their open hours:

by Phone: 075718008 or

by Email KatikatiHub@westernbay.govt.nz

How much does it cost?

Community Rate

Tuapiro & Tahawai rooms

  • $15 - 2hrs
  • $30 - 4hrs
  • $50 - 8 hrs

Boyd & McKinney rooms

  • $20 - 2hrs
  • $40 - 4hrs
  • $60 - 8 hrs

Commercial Rate

Tuapiro & Tahawai rooms

  • $30 - 2hrs
  • $60 - 4hrs
  • $80 - 8 hrs

Boyd & McKinney rooms

  • $40 - 2hrs
  • $80 - 4hrs
  • $120 - 8 hrs

Uretara Room - Hot desk space

  • $15 - 1/2 day
  • $30 - full day

NB: Prices are relevant as of July 1st 2021 For more information go to the PriceList

Where is it located?

At 21 Main Road, Katikati, 3129, right in the heart of Katikati.

There is free parking available for a limited time during business hours, with a well lit parking area should you wish to use the space at night.

Physical location: Google Link

Parking: Talisman Drive Car Park

What do I do when I leave?

Log off any equipment you have been using, take your rubbish with you, return crockery to the kitchen.

If you are using the meeting room spaces, ensure you have locked the door after your guests, then exit through the sliding doors.

For your security, be sure to not open the door to anyone who has not booked.

All registered users will have their own code.

Is there anyone to help me onsite?

Due to Covid-19 Level restrictions, we are not available daily in the Hub. Once we reach LEVEL 1 Monday to Friday 10am-12pm (midday) there is someone to help you. Please make contact with our friendly team at the Katikati Library who are just next door!